Winter Blanket Distribution

You shall not attain righteousness until you spend out of what you love (in the way of Allah). Allah knows whatever you spend. (Quran - 3:92)

Winter Cloth Drive '17 | Phase I

We have distributed 35 winter blankets to the flood victims ( widow’s and orphans) of Lokharia, Bihar.

We are planning to distribute more 50 blankets.

Winter Cloth Drive '17 | Phase II

Today, we went to the flood affected areas and distributed blankets in the rural areas of Bihar. The life in here is completely different and they are mostly unaware of the outside world.

The Green Tree has distributed high quality blankets to 13 families. We gave one double size and one single bed size blankets to larger families and double bed size blankets to nuclear families.

The next phase of distribution will happen after a day. In Sha Allah.

We hope that they will have a better sleep tonight.

May Allah the most merciful bless all those who has a part in this blessed work. Ameen.

Winter Cloth Drive '17 | Phase III

Today, we again went into the interiors of Bihar to distribute the winter blankets. It is very rare to find nuclear families here.

City people have better atmosphere to live and still limit themselves to two or three kids. We met a person today and he has 16 kids. Though he lives in a hut with his family, he firmly believes in the almighty creator, provider and sustainer and happily lives with them.

Peace – the only thing that is rare to find in the city.


Winter Cloth Drive '17 | Phase IV

We went to Mehandi Nagar before breakfast. We couldn’t see the sun today till 2 PM. May be it was also wrapped to escape the winter.

People were very happy to receive the blankets.

In every winter, we distribute blankets to the needy and the poor.