Free Street school for the slum dwellers

"Education is the fundamental right of every human and should be provided like air and water "
The Green Tree
Life to the Lifeless

Who are they

After months hardwork and planning, we are finally opened Daarul Arkam, an educational Shelter ; the first of its kind to teach Quran, Arabic , English and other subjects to the slum kids who live near Yamuna River, New Delhi. Their parents main occupation is mainly to collect garbage or to work as a maid. Many of those who know ‘The Green Tree’ , knows that we distribute a month’s ration to families live therein, every month.

Now, we have taken initiative to teach the ‘Deen and Dunya’ to the under privileged for free. We are now starting it as a center, when Allah wills we will change it as a school

We Teach Deen and Dunya

The offered Islamic subjects are Quran (Tajweed, Hafazan,  and Tajweed), Akhlaq/manners, and Aqeedah.

We teach them Maths, Science and other subjects as well.

We teach three of the most spoken LANGUAGES in the world

English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi are taught to the children so as they could read, write and speak to survive and progress in our modern world. 

How We uplift them

Skilled Teachers

We have appointed highly qualified teachers to teach the kids in a simplified manner.

Extending our hands futher

We not only provide educational aid but also dresses, monthly ration to the affordable, blankets in winter, and free meal distribution.

Three Batches

We have three batches and in each batch we have minimum 15 children.

Parenting classes

We do provide islamic tarbiyat, parenting classes and also conduct awareness programs on various issues

How you can contribute

These kids work in day time by collecting garbage or selling milk or anything as such. They play with paper planes, they see people with books, they wear torn cloths.

A small girl came half an hour late and when we inquired about it , she said that she couldn’t find any good cloth to wear.

Donate books, cloths, toys, or anything for those slum dwellers.

Monthly, we need 15,000 INR + to run our street school. Donate as much as you can.


S 14/2, Joga bhai extensio, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110025