Rehabilitation Center | Bihar

The Story Behind The New Bricks

We built concrete homes for those who had lost it along with their livelihood.


Claimed  95 lives

In the early morning, hour of 12th Aug 2017 there was flash flood in the West Bihar affected nineteen districts. It ruined major resources of livelihood of low income peoples.

The major reason for high volume loss was that many people reside in katcha houses. For survival, people took refuge in schools, mosques, and other concrete buildings. People were left with no option except depended upon the aids. The water logging drained after a week. The routine life resumed after a month.

Lokharia Panchayat

More than 300 families were affected

When the flood reached the Lokharia panchayat, people took abode in Mosques. The flood wiped out the livelihood of the people. People starred for weeks without any relief. The water logged above 6 feet from the ground and it claimed all Katcha houses in the panchayat. The impact was so severe that the flood claimed everything other than concrete building.

Lokheria panchayat, share its border with the Kosi river.More than 300 families resides in the survived area ‘Marwa Tola’. We have identified that 43 families have lost their habitat. Among them 34 of them are below poverty line without any stable livelihood, in which 14 of them are widows and 2 of them are physically challenged.

‘The Green Tree’ in partnership with ‘ The Shelter India’ has provided permanent  habitat solution to 3 families out of 34 and in plan to provide shelter to other families.