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The Green Tree


Numbers do Speak
(2017 report)

An initiative has been taken to care the helpless people and it took a form in Jan 2017 as “The Green Tree” under the Indian Trust Act 1882.

            “And Whoever Saves One Life, It Is As If He Has Saved The Entire Humanity”

Our main aim is to give life to the lifeless. We provide permanent solutions to the widows, divorcee, orphans, needy and the poor by setting up a small scale business for them. This would give them a regular income in their life. We aid the students by completely taking care of their education requirements. We admit them in a reputed school or colleges and provide them all necessary help. We do provide medical support to the sick. We also distribute basic necessities like monthly ration, cloths, blankets, etc. We aid the people regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

Let all beings live blissfully!

When we walk on the road , we see many poor and needy. Many a time we  walk away. why cannot we stop and make the difference?

  • We promote peace by indulging in such activities that promotes communal harmony and increases compassion among us.
  •  Small scale business : A small scale business will be set up and given to those who live below poverty line. This to generate permanent and regular income. They can have a stable better life.
  • Widows and divorcees Aid : For those females who are single parent or abandoned by the family, we aid them by setting up a small business for them or placing them in a company as per their qualification. Those females who are already working as maid/servants in any family, we provide them monthly ration and basic necessities. 
  • Medical Aid : The medical bills of the poor, women, and needy are directly paid by us after analyzing the case.
  • Educational Aid : We provide complete educational aid to the students who have the ambition to become a white collar employee and do better in studies. Any students across the nation are eligible to receive our aids. We also distribute books, bags, shoes, and other educational accessories to the students either individually or by approaching a school.
  • Relief to the Poor : We distribute basic necessities to the poor like monthly ration, blankets, dress, etc.


By the mercy of Almighty, we were able to achieve the followings:
  • A year’s education has been given to 10 students.
  • We provided medical aid to  105 people and 30 families.
  • We were able to feed 49 families in 2017.
  • We provided flood relief to 235 families.
  • We distributed cloths to  5500 people and 50 families
  • We were able to build three houses.