What is wrong with you? why can't you help each other? Quran 37:25

About Us

An initiative has been taken to care the helpless people and it took a form in Jan 2017 as “The Green Tree” under the Indian Trust Act.

“And Whoever Saves One Life, It Is As If He Has Saved The Entire Humanity”.

Our main aim is to give life to the lifeless. We provide permanent solutions to the helpless, widows, divorcee, orphans, needy and the poor by setting up a small scale business for them. This would give them a regular income in their life. We aid the students by completely taking care of their education requirements. We admit them in a reputed school or colleges and provide them all necessary help. We do provide medical support to the sick. We also distribute basic necessities like monthly ration, cloths, blankets, etc. We aid the people regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.

Let all beings live blissfully!

Our Services to the world

Feed Every Month

'The Green Tree' has adopted 13 families who are under privileged and provide them ration every month.

Educational Aid

We provide complete educational aid to the students who have the ambition to become a white collar employee and do better in studies. Any students across the nation are eligible to receive our aids. We also distribute books, bags, shoes, and other educational accessories to the students either individually or by approaching a school.

Medical Aid

The medical bills of the poor, women, and needy are directly paid by us after analyzing the case.

One Call for All

Towards compassion and truth.

Bihar Flood Relief '17

Worked in three districts | Distributed disaster aid kits | Conducted Medical Camps | Built Homes

Rohinya Muslims Aid

Fire broke out in Rohinya Muslims camp in Kalandi kunj, New Delhi and destroyed everything into ashes.


Daarul Arkam 
- An Educational shelter

After months hardwork and planning,by the grace of Allah (swt), we are finally opened Daarul Arkam, an educational Shelter ; the first of its kind to teach Quran, Arabic , English and other subjects to the slum kids who live near Yamuna River. Their parents main occupation is mainly to collect garbage or to work as a maid. Many of those who know ‘The Green Tree’ , knows that we distribute a month’s ration to families live there, every month.

Now, we have taken initiative to teach the ‘Deen and Dunya’ to the under privileged for free. We are now starting it as a center, when Allah wills we will change it as a school.

We have 70+ students in our street school.

People Benefited
Families Benifited
Medical Aid
Fed Families
Education Provided

To the donors

We maintain an end-to-end transparency system in managing the funds from the time it has been carried into the accounts till its end utilization. Donors have the right to question the management regarding his/her donation. We do not only provide donation receipt but also the copy of the bills wherein the funds are utilized, if any. The original receipts are couriered to the donors and rests are shared online. We are just the transferors of donation from your right hand to the handless people.

Donation can be in the form of money, materials, and prayers. Materials: The donation can be in the form of books, study materials, plants, garments, toys, or anything usable.

The cost of a movie ticket can give a day meal to a poor, the cost of a party can feed a family for a month.

Aid them from what you can and bring light into their life.

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